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The Calendar has photos representing all 11 years that the Drag Strip was open. 8-11-13 As requested, the Calendars have been Re-printed. As of Dec 2016 there are plenty on hand.
There are also current photos of DMD reunions and racers.
This is a full size wall calender.  An example is below.    $5 +tax, S&H, (price reduced in 2011).

Corrections:  3 editions of the calendar were printed.  In the 1st edition, the upper left photo in the group of photos above Jan 2011 has the wrong names. It says Dorn Vernon, Bob Johnson, Bob Range.  In the 2nd edition it was corrected to read: Don Steadman, Bob Johnson, Dave Keller.  National holidays were added to the 2nd edition also.  

In the 1st and 2nd editions, the photo above September 2010 reads: 1965 - Vern Moats' Taxi Anglia.  This was his Anglia, but as Duane Lyerly pointed out, he probably hadn't bought it yet in this photo, because the 56 Chevy Pickup behind it belonged to Lyle Hefel, who 1st raced the car at Des Moines Dragway.  On the home page of this website you can see the Red and White 55 Chevy that Vern raced at DMD then used as a tow car for this Anglia.  Therefore, the wording about ownership was changed in the 3rd edition. 

I'm glad to find out these corrections now, before I do the book.  If you find anything you think is wrong, please let me know - Thank you all!

Jan 2010 Photo - Casey Koonts

Jan 2010

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