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Many pictures have not been identified. If you can identify where a
car is from, who owned it, or anything about it please contact me @ (515) 285-9745 or larry49@dwx.com   Thanks!                                          How can I contact Todd Bogenreif?

Nov 2010 found this car belonged to Bob Stewart, Roger Dow & Russ Clark. Bob then raced AA/FD

There was a Crosley called Plum Nuts;
It was owned by Axel Belio from
Ft. Dodge who moved to CA in the 60s.
As of 7-9-13 I cannot find his # - it's
apparently been disconnected.  Does
anyone know his new phone number?

There was another Crosley wgn, Gold,
called Bandit. Can you tell me
Anything about this car or its owner?
It was at DMD in 1965.

Does anyone remember Robert Shaw who
was Editor of the Des Moines Dragger

Ajax sold this rail to Howdy Williams in 58.
Dec 09= Ron Scheef, himself, has confirmed that this is him.

In 1964 there was a Blue 1958 Chevy that
had "Novotnys" painted on the side.
In 1966 there was about a 39 Ford that
had "Lean" painted on the side. Tommy
Shaw has identified the Ford as Wayne
Leon Larson's  (Ames Body shop owner).
Let me know if you know anything about
either of the above cars.

1964 in DMD pits. owner???

1965 on the DMD strip. owner???

A Green 56 Corvette was just purchased with "Mighty Mouse"
painted on it. The story is that it raced at DMD, contact me
if you know anything about it.  Thanks

There was a Red 62-65 Nova from Davenport
with this painted on the back: A Cure for
HEMI roids.  It is the only car that went
across Meredith Drive and into the North
ditch, because its parachute wouldn't open.
Do you know who this was?  
Bill Dedman
thinks it might have been Bud Richter's
65 Nova.  I can't find what happened to
Bud and I haven't received a reply from
his driver Gary Bolger, after sending a
letter and trying to phone.  Can you
HELP?   thanks

Know who? from Connie Neal

Whose Chev Conv? also from Connie Neal

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