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Des Moines Dragway History       

Des Moines Dragway existed for 11 years, from 1957 to 1967.
3,000 people were there
on opening weekend. The Strip was
called Greater Des Moines Drag Strip from 57 - 60. In 1961
through 67 it was known as Des Moines Dragway. Many
nationally known drivers raced there such as Art Arfons with
his Green Monster Jet car, from Ohio, on 5-13-62. It was located
at the intersection of 128th (called Grimes road in those days)  & Aurora
in what is today, Urbandale. The entire strip was there until 2000
when the "Days Run" housing development began. The 1st 1/8 mi.
of the strip remained until June 2003. I am getting feedback
from many people who had lots of fun at those drag racing events.
Click on Google link below to see Map!

Click here to see how the DMD property looks today. The strip was 500 feet east of 128th. The intersection of Aurora is about 1/3 down the 1/4 mile

Thanks to Kevin Kane of ISU for both of these pics
1990 view of DMD property

click to enlarge
DMD is shadowed over today's houses

The start line is just west of 126th and Prarie

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